Tech N9ne's Booty Call Almost Got Him Sent To The Slammer At '17' [Sneak Peek]

A dapper Tech N9ne back when he was Aaron Dontez Yates.

The "Jersey Shore" boys know that creepin' at Karma is always worth the work involved if you find a chick that's "DTF." But long before the acronym was coined, a teenage Tech N9ne had a high school honey who was Down To...Fondle. He thought he hit the jackpot, too, until Daddy Dearest got involved.

In this sneak peek of Sunday's "When I Was 17," the Missouri rapper relives the miserable moment when "disaster struck" during a skip day gone sour. While Tech and one of his three (!) girlfriends, Regina, got busy at her house during a party, his buddies took the opportunity (while she was, uh, distracted) to steal her pop's prized possession: his coin collection. (You can pick your friends...)

Tech N9ne says he managed to temporarily escape her father's fuming wrath, only to be ambushed by a tearful Regina and an angry cop at the principal's office the next day. Tech claimed his innocence (for not jacking the coins, at least) but the damage was done, and his trifecta of ladies was reduced to a duo. Tear!

Check out the video, and don't miss episodes of "When I Was 17," Sundays at 1/12c on MTV2!

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