'Washington Heights' Guest Music Supervisor Miguel Explains His Method [Video]

Miguel performs at Radio 1 Extra Live in the UK.

The tunes used to color each "Washington Heights" episode are reliably poppin', but if you noticed yourself grooving along to the music more than you usually do during tonight's episode, you have Grammy-nominee Miguel to thank. The "Adorn" singer served as Musical Supervisor for Episode 6, and he tells JP in the interview below that he looked to the West Coast for inspiration on how to perfectly represent the NYC hustlers.

"I thought it would be a really good juxtaposition...to take young, hungry kids from New York and help tell their stories with music from young, up-and-coming and hungry kids from L.A.," Miguel says in the video. He allowed each scene to really speak to him before making choices -- for instance, Frankie and Ludwin's heated conversation called for a more frantic tune, while Reyna's cooking session for her boyfriend paired perfectly with his own smooth jam. "Being a musician, you find yourself...paying a lot more attention to what you hear," he adds. "It's really intriguing how music can really add or detract from how powerful a scene can be...I don't take it lightly."

Check out the full conversation to hear about what else influenced Miguel's bold musical choices.

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Photo: Rann/Splash News