'Teen Wolf' Teaser: Allison Goes Off The Grid

Dylan O'Brien and Crystal Reed break from filming in the desert.

We've hopefully quenched some of your thirst for "Teen Wolf" intel over the past few months, but don't think we're not aware our teasers have been skewing pretty dude-heavy. From revealing a sketch of Derek's swanky new pad to introducing you to the Alpha twins, it's quite possible we've got a one-track mind. (Hey, can you blame us?) Which is why we're going out of our way today to give the ladies some love! We talked to Crystal Reed about what's in store for her character, conflicted wolf hunter Allison Argent, when the show returns, and here's what she had to say:

"Allison has been very removed from her Beacon Hills classmates for the last few months when we first see her in Season 3. She doesn't know what her friends have been up to -- you'll have to wait to find out why!"

Well, she may have gone rogue from Beacon Hills for some undisclosed reason, but if the recent set photo above is any indication, it looks like she'll be back in the swing of things in no time!

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