Mr. Belding Crashes Tiffani Thiessen's 'Today Show' Appearance [Video]

Tiffani Thiessen on "Today."

Just a few weeks ago, Dennis Haskins a.k.a Mr. Belding gave his personal thumbs up to a "Saved By The Bell" spin-off, and now, it appears the guy's taking matters into his own hands. This morning, Haskins staged his own mini cast reunion -- on LIVE television!

In the "Today Show" video below, the "SBTB" icon surprises former co-star (and pupil) Tiffani Thiessen by crashing her group trivia game. Upon hearing the unexpected walk-on's signature slogan, "Hey, hey, what is going on here???" the former teen queen flashes a clenched smile more suitable for "Awkward," if you catch our drift. "I had no idea," she says while politely shaking Haskins' hand. Two decades later and it's still no fun to be caught off guard by the principal.

See how the whole exchange went down, and don't miss reruns of "Saved By The Bell" on MTV2.

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Photo: Araya Diaz/NBC NewsWire/Getty Images

GIF: Buzzfeed