Beau Mirchoff Aims To Play Clueless Camp Counselor In New Project [Video]

Beau Mirchoff at the People's Choice Awards last month.

When he's not melting hearts as Matty McKibben or coaxing Selena Gomez to the dark side of magic, Beau Mirchoff has no trouble keeping busy. The "Awkward" actor and a few of his buddies are currently trying to get a new comedy project, "Camp Sunshine," off the ground, and boy, is it campy! (Psst, "Wet Hot American Summer" cultists, we think we've found your new obsession.)

Beau is executive producing -- yep, he sizzles off-camera too -- as well as starring in "Sunshine" as legacy counselor Junior Handcourt, who feels a sense of responsibility to work at the summer camp his grandfather founded. But just because the place runs through the Handcourt blood doesn't mean Junior is exactly a model counselor (nor are any of his co-counselors). In the character introduction below, Junior tells of a time he accidentally blinded a camper with his award-winning lobster chowder! (Whatever, it only lasted 48 hours -- the important thing is that he won the potluck contest, okay?)

+ Check out the video, and tell us what you think of Beau's new project.

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Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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