JWOWW Gets Real About Roughin' It With Roger [Video]

After enduring a day of clamming, rifling through rotting fish chum and peeing anywhere but a toilet, we gotta hand it to JWOWW -- she really hung tough in rural Maine. She passed Roger's no-complaining challenge with flying colors, but in the "Snooki & JWOWW" "Tea Time" clip below, Jenni finally breaks her silence on the nausea she incurred during her whirlwind adventure to the great outdoors.

"It was just too much, I feel, during such a short trip," she tells Snooki. From stomaching really fresh oysters to handling bass with her bare hands, the woodland ways nearly got the best of her -- particularly when she took to the high seas. "I didn't mind peeing in a bucket," Jenni begins. "But I cannot explain to you the smell on that lobster boat...the only smell that's as bad is probably death." Still, there was a silver lining when the guidette found comfort in some new cuisine. "The bear balls were amazing," she says of Roger's Aunt Susan's signature appetizer. "Did you think of Pooh Bear when you ate it?" Nicole asks without missing a beat. Anyone seen that bucket...?

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you're surprised JWOWW managed to keep up with Roger!

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