Molly Tarlov Has An 'Awkward.' Look-Alike: Grumpy Cat [Photo]

Grumpy Molls, featuring Greer Grammer as photobomber.

Molly Tarlov's role as "Awkward" queen bee Sadie Saxton has drawn comparisons to other classic villains (Darth Vader in a cheer-leading skirt, anyone?), but it's who the actress compares herself to that has our heads spinning. Tarlov recently revived the beast inside and slipped back into her Titans uniform, but during a quick break on set, she took a sec to display her versatility.

The actress Instagrammed a selfie right next to a pic of Tardar Sauce -- affectionately known to feline fanatics of the Internet as Grumpy Cat -- and dare we say, the two may share ancestry! While many of her followers commended Molls' impersonation of the furry meme, it was her co-star Greer Grammer's creepy stone-faced photobomb that stole the scene. "I can't even look at your face…because the girl behind you is stealing my soul!!!" one fan commented. Uh, you're welcome?

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Photo: MollyTarlov on Instagram