Watch The 'Nikki & Sara LIVE' After Show!


Thank you all for watching last week's premiere! Putting on a live show in MTV’s Times Square studio was such a fun, exciting, nerve wracking and surreal experience. So, like a teen mom that never learned her lesson, we've decided to do it again tonight! Consider this blog post your formal invitation to join us on MTV at 11 p.m. as we cover the week in pop culture and interview Jenny McCarthy. We'll also have a LIVE online exclusive after show airing 11:35 p.m., where we’ll chat with YOU, our lovely viewers. (Seriously, you’re lovely and awesome and we just adore you. Even though last week you asked us how badly we were "holding in a poop right now." Yes, that’s how devoted we are to our fans.) We may even welcome a surprise guest, spill some set secrets or experience wardrobe malfunctions (okay, hopefully none of those), so join the party! Head to our Facebook page immediately after tonight's "Nikki & Sara LIVE" airs on MTV and click the "LIVE After Show" tab. Or skip the extra step and just click here.


Nikki & Sara

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