Deena Cortese Can't Recall Her Last Meatball Day

We can only hope that Deena Cortese becomes the first MTV family member to earn the coveted Mirror Ball trophy, but even if "Dancing with the Stars" decides to pick that other Dina to compete instead, the meatball will be remembered as the biggest blast in a glass that ever was. We recently spoke to Deena about her post-"Shore" life and what the future may hold. Check out the interview, and remember: Keep tweeting #DeenaForDWTS to try and get our girl on the show!

When was your last Meatball Day?

Meatball Days truly only go with Nicole, and me and her haven't done one in awhile. Those were crazy -- I don’t even know if I could do them anymore, to be honest with you. I think I'm getting old! It's really sad.

What was it like to see Snooki's baby, Lorenzo, for the first time?

When he was a baby, he just looked like a little baby, but it's crazy because he's starting to get features. And now he's starting to look more and more like Nicole. It kind of got me excited to have kids someday. Seeing Nicole turn into this beautiful mom -- I would love to be a mom one day.

Are you still struggling with anxiety?

You know, I've always had anxiety, and as I'm getting older it's getting worse. It really had nothing to do with Chris [during Season 6], it was more to do with myself. In the house I couldn't cope the way I do at home, and I was just learning how to at home. I didn't want to talk about what was going on in my head on-camera, because I don't really open up with that kind of stuff. I honestly was in a fight with myself, so it just made me look like I was going crazy.

"Jersey Shore" has occupied your last three summers. What are you going to do in June without your roommates?

I'm a Shore girl either way -- I live only 20 minutes away. I was actually saying to myself, "Maybe I'll get a Shore house with my friends." But it's probably too late. And honestly, after Hurricane Sandy, I don't know how things will work. I'm gonna go down regardless. I always have. I'm excited to see how the Shore turns out after what it went through. Hopefully it's still intact.

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Photo: Matthias Clamer