Baby Lorenzo Joins His Mama For Her Morning Workout [Photo]

Who needs an iPod with this guy around?

Lately, Snooki's been on a mission to get super-fit, but we officially give her permission to pull up a chair, pat herself on the back and scarf down a celebratory pizza pie (with extra cheese!). Girl is lookin' good, and she's got the photos to prove it! Her secret to slimming down so quickly after giving birth? Well, we can only imagine it's got something to do with the adorable infant pictured above, cheering on his mom with the sweetest of smiles as she works out on the treadmill. Wouldn't you run harder if getting to hold him at the end was the prize?

The "Snooki & JWOWW" star hit the at-home gym earlier today with her little man in tow, and tweeted, "Lol my baby loves watching me suffer doing cardio." While JWOWW has Roger's diet advice to supplement her GTL, Nicole has Lorenzo's encouraging cutie-pie face. She may not be doing the most exciting exercise (seriously, the only thing more boring than running on a treadmill is walking on one), but this future yogi's dimply cheeks are all the motivation she needs to power through.

"Time to work off all the wings I ate yesterday," Snooki posted with this Instagram pic.

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Photo: snookinic on Instagram

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