Kailyn Succumbs To Puppy Fever On 'Teen Mom 2' [Bonus Scene]

Looks like Chelsea isn't the only teen mom to catch the puppy-love bug. Let's just hope Kailyn's new rottweiler, co-starring with Isaac in the season finale bonus scene below, doesn't share Betsy's gas problems.

In the video, Kail shows up to the dog breeder to claim her little fur ball, and after reviewing his all-star pedigree, she whisks the pooch off to meet his big brother. Upon first introduction, Isaac squeals with joy: "A PUPPY! A PUPPY!" (We challenge you to find anything cuter than him trying to snuggle with it in the dog bed.) But Isaac may be a little too excited about his new friend, as Kail finds herself needing to explain that puppies bite if you don't pet them properly. In Isaac's defense, if someone suddenly dropped a rottweiler puppy in our laps we'd want to squeeze the heck out of it, too. (Would an "Of Mice and Men" reference here be inappropriate?)

Check out the adorable meet-and-greet, and make sure to tune in to the "Teen Mom 2" reunion special Monday, Feb. 11 at 9/8c.

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