Snooki's Seventh Tattoo Will Celebrate Baby Lorenzo And His Future Siblings

Snooki reveals a new crown tattoo in 2011.

Lorenzo's the apple of Snooki's eye, but if all goes according to plan, soon there will be more little LaValles running around the home front. The guidette hasn't made a secret of her wish to have another child soon, and what better to prepare than with a symbol of her family values permanently etched into her skin!

"I’m already getting set for my seventh tattoo, which is going to be a tattoo dedicated to my son and the future children." Snooki wrote on her website earlier today. "I know a lot of people...think mothers shouldn’t get tattoos. I think your body is a beautiful canvas, and you do what you please with it." Boasting crown and galaxy landscape ink, among other designs, Snooks certainly seems to like her canvas spilling over with artwork -- guess all that time spent in Florence really rubbed off!

This is the maternal Renaissance, friends, and hey: It definitely beats Sears' family portraits.

+ What do you think about Snooki's new tattoo idea? Tell us how she should commemorate her future kids in the comments!

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Photo courtesy of @SnookiNic

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