Teen Mom Leah Discusses The Heartbreak Of Telling Corey She Was Pregnant [Video]

The Leah and Corey saga came to a definitive end (or did it?) on tonight's "Teen Mom 2" finale. Any lingering hope the two would rekindle their romance was put to rest when Leah announced she was engaged and pregnant. It was an emotional moment for them both, and in this "Teen Mom 2 After Show" clip, Leah shares what it was like to break the surprising news to her ex-husband.

"At first I didn't think it would really bother him, like, I thought that we were both over it and we were past anything we had," she says in the video below. "Even though there were still feelings there, I didn't think they were supposed to be there as much as they were when I told him. He just opened up...at the wrong time." Corey was shocked and visibly saddened, shedding some rare tears after Leah came clean on a magnetic sketch pad. They both acknowledged they still loved one another, but it was far too late. "I felt like I couldn't get out of [being with Jeremy] because now I was pregnant with someone else's child," she confesses to host Maci Bookout. "It was my mess-up, so just stay here." Heavy stuff.

Though Leah claims she wanted Corey to be happy for her, Maci doesn't buy it. She argues that when you share such a deep history with someone (as all of the girls do with their children's fathers), it would be a blow to the heart if they weren't upset. "You don't want them to hurt, but you want to know that they care," she says. The other girls nod in agreement, and Leah eventually concedes.

Check out the "Teen Mom 2 After Show" to hear more from Leah about her conversation with Corey, as well as Kailyn's and Chelsea's reactions to the season finale.

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