JWOWW And Roger Fake A Quickie Wedding In Vegas [Photo]

The engaged couple poses outside a wedding chapel, but it's not what you think...

While millions of Super Bowl viewers were busy bathing in French onion dip, Roger Mathews and his "Jersey Shore" fiancée, Jenni Farley, decided to throw caution to the wind yesterday and...pretend they got married. Ha ha?

"Yep. It's official. We did something in Vegas we never thought we would do," Rog tweeted last night, only a few hours before the Baltimore Ravens dominated the big game. When Rog felt he'd duped enough of his Twitter followers, he quickly changed his tune. "Kidding. We officially tried foie gras for the first time. Lol." What, they don't have Doritos in Vegas?

Nice try, Rog. As if JWOWW would ever get married in pants.

+ Any chance you fell for the joke? Tell us if your heart broke when you found out the wedding bells were merely a hoax.

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Photo courtesy of @RogerMatthewsNJ