A Hard-Nosed Music Coach Helped Rita Ora Find Her Voice At '17' [Bonus Scene]

British superstar Rita Ora may be a chart-topper now, but her early days of singing didn't always hit such a high note. In this "When I Was 17" bonus scene, Rita shares how she struggled to nail her vocals while attending a competitive theater school.

"I really wanted to be the best at how I sang," Rita says in the clip below. Ray, her cutthroat coach, had a "take no prisoners" attitude, even making the young singer shed a few tears over her craft. "He would literally swear at her, like, 'Rita, what the f**k are you doing?!'" her childhood friend reveals. But with tough love comes big rewards, as Rita was able to tune in to her husky range. "I'm so grateful for that man," the flashy artist confesses. "I finally sang how I wanted to sing and it was, like, the best feeling in the world."

Check out the video to hear the full story of how Rita found her noteworthy sound, and don't miss full episodes of "When I Was 17" Sundays at 1/12c on MTV2!

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