That's What You Said...About The Father Of Jenelle Evans' Baby

On Monday's episode of "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle was forced to consider whether Andrew, Jace's presumed father, was actually his biological dad. Jenelle said her doubts had lingered for some time, but she finally made the proactive move to ask Andrew for a blood test. Thankfully, Andrew obliged, and the former couple was left to await the verdict.

We weren't quite sure which way this would go, so we asked you to share your input on Facebook. Take a look at what some outspoken fans had to say about whether they thought Andrew was Jace's father, and continue the conversation!


"It's hard to tell because he looks so much like Jenelle and her mom." -- Ashley B.

"I hope they find out. No matter how bad Jenelle screwed up, she's doing what she has to to find the dad. Prayers it all works out for the best." -- Rebecca H.

"She really did do the adult thing here -- fessed up to a mistake and did something with just Jace in mind." -- Ambryn E.

"I think so. Jace has his ears and nose." -- Arlana H.

"I don't care. Jace is Barbara's child. She's all he needs for now." -- Pam K.

"Hope the dad steps up, that's all! Jenelle is trying -- you can definitely see that!" -- Desiree S.

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