Corey Simms: Seeing Leah And Jeremy Together Helped Me Move On

For an entire season of "Teen Mom 2," we looked on as Leah struggled to choose between her history with Corey and her future with Jeremy. Leah opened up about her indecision in our latest "Teen Mom 2 After Show," but we also got a chance to chat with Corey recently about his own mixed emotions, and how Leah's relationship with Jeremy affected him at the time.

Even though Corey is now happily engaged to his girlfriend, Miranda Patterson, the father of twins told us he was at a "low point" during filming for Season 3, which made Leah's new relationship that much harder to handle. "It was confusing," he said of his and Leah's unresolved feelings for each other. "I didn't know what to do. I didn't know whether I wanted to try it again and forget about all the bad stuff that had happened, or I wanted to just not deal with it. It was crazy."

Looking back, Corey admitted he never actually thought he and Leah had a real shot of getting back together, which is potentially part of the reason it took him so long to be vulnerable and assert his love. The news that Leah was pregnant hit him like a ton of bricks, and finally the truth came tumbling out. "It was a shock, and it was really, like, even though we were divorced, it really was the end, you know?" Interestingly enough, that finality was what ultimately helped him heal so he could find his own happiness with someone else. "It became easier on me. [Leah and I] used to talk every day, and after all just kinda shut down, pretty much. And when she moved on, that made it easier for me to move on."

Corey and Jeremy pal around last March. No grudges here!

Luckily, Corey never felt threatened by Jeremy, and today they get along very well. "I knew that Jeremy wouldn't try to take over my father role, so I wasn't losing my place," he said. And as for how Leah temporarily felt stuck with Jeremy, Corey assured us he never had that notion when he and Leah were married. "I know I could have not been with her, but I didn't feel stuck. We wanted to be together for the girls, that's mainly why we went through [everything]."

See the "Teen Mom 2" moment where it all changed for Corey, and share your thoughts on how he reacted to Leah's pregnancy during tonight's finale.

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Photo: Jackson Lee/Splash News