Screw Football, Tune In For The Five-Hour 'BuckBowl' Marathon This Sunday! [Video]

Statistically speaking, your favorite pro football team is probably done for the season, so why waste bucketfuls of wings and potato skins on the Super Bowl this Sunday? It just so happens your ol' "BUCKWILD" pals will be on the tube, too, so when the afternoon rolls around and you begin to melt into your couch, pick the right team: Team Sissonville.

MTV's "BuckBowl" marathon starts at 1/12c on Sunday, Feb. 3, and spans the length of 10 full episodes. The makeshift barrel-bull? Clubbin' at Karma? It'll all be there. Then, on Feb. 7  at 8/7c -- the night of the season finale (say it ain't so!) -- the network will feature cast interviews to give you an inside look at life with your favorite rabble-rousers. And if that's not enough Southern comfort for ya, a 30-minute unseen moments special will air immediately after the finale. Hoo boy! All this "BUCKWILD" has got us hollering for another season -- soon please!

+ Be sure to tune in to the "BuckBowl" this weekend, but in the meantime, take a look at this sneak peek of the "BUCKWILD" season finale.

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