Baby Lorenzo Discovered His Feet, And The Result Is Frickin' Adorable [Photos]

Baby Lorenzo: The next great yogi?

Cue the tiny trumpets and consider this an early Valentine's Day card! Snooki's Instagram page should come with a warning: Looking at these pictures may cause heart explosion. Yesterday, the hot mama shared these precious photos of her baby, proudly exclaiming that the little man has found his happy feet, and now we're on a mission to go make a Lorenzo of her own. Don't judge.

Not only is this kid CUTER THAN 500,000 KITTENS AND PUPPIES LICKING THEIR FUR WHILE SLIDING DOWN RAINBOWS, he appears to have very advanced flexibility for his age. Is it already time to buy him a yoga mat?! One can only pray Snooks takes pics of his first Butterfly Pose.

Namaste, young grasshopper.

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Photo: snookinic on Instagram