Big Sean: I Watched My Car Get Jacked 'When I Was 17' [Sneak Peek]

A smaller Big Sean at 17.

Adolescence is all about learning lessons, and Big Sean was taught a tough one at 17: Don't leave your car while it's still running. In this sneak peek of Sunday's "When I Was 17," the rapper remembers how stepping out of his brand-new whip for a mere 20 seconds turned into a nightmare when a wandering Detroit felon stole it right before his eyes.

Sean recalls that after he watched his ride speed away, he turned to the one person he knew could solve his problem. No, not the police -- his mommy! "Moooooom! Mom! Mom! Somebody stole my car!" he recalls his teenage self shouting. And it turns out the cops weren't much help, anyway. When they finally arrived, they called the uninvited joyride "not really a high priority," according to his mom. "It was a high priority to us," she counters with a cheeky look.

Find out if Big Sean ever recovered his Chevy Impala in the clip below, and don't miss full episodes of "When I Was 17," Sundays at 1/12c on MTV2!

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