Jeremy Calvert: I Didn't Think Twice About Proposing To Leah

There's nothing like the love of a good man. For most of "Teen Mom 2" Season 3, Leah went back and forth over whether she wanted to get serious with her new boyfriend, Jeremy, or try to make things work with her ex, Corey. Her indecision must've been frustrating for Jeremy, but through it all, he kept his patience and never once gave his girlfriend an ultimatum. You gotta hand the guy credit for sticking it out, especially after they'd gotten engaged and Leah was still expressing doubts. That, friends, is called maturity.

According to Jeremy, he never even thought twice about proposing; in fact, he told us recently that he just walked into a jewelry store one day, saw a ring he thought Leah would like (check it out, below) and bought it right then and there. In all of his excitement, he accidentally overlooked asking for her parents' blessing before getting down on one knee, but luckily, it didn't turn out to be an issue. "I'm pretty sure they were expecting it, and are happy with how everything has turned out," he said.

There were many things that had him whipped on Leah from the start -- her endearing nervousness on their first date, for one -- but Jeremy now says he and his wife are the perfect match because of two personality traits they share in common: a sense of responsibility and spontaneous nature, which help keep their relationship "strong and fresh." One of his favorite dates with Leah was a day at the amusement park, but the most thrilling times they had at the beginning of the courtship was when she would hop on the back of his motorcycle and they'd ride like the wind! "I even bought her a pink helmet," Jeremy said. Of course, now that they're expecting a baby, he isn’t up for taking as many risks, and he’s decided to sell the bike. Just one of the many sacrifices he's more than willing to make for his new family.

We're so happy for Leah that she's found a best friend in such a stand-up guy. Rewatch Jeremy's proposal in Episode 11 below, and tune in for the 90-minute season finale of "Teen Mom 2" tonight at 10/9 to see how the couple prepares for having a child together!

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