Busted! Tweenage Snooki Wore Braces And...Pantyhose [Photo]

Snooki's all dolled up for her junior high dance.

Nicole, you've been caught red-handed! We bet your best friend JWOWW is having a field day right now making fun of the pantyhose you're sporting in this circa-middle school pic. After all, it was only a few weeks ago that you were calling her out for wearing "ugly" nylons to your bridal shower (watch the "Tea Time with Snooki & JWOWW" after show below to jog your memory). While Jenni defended her fashion choice with a confession that she forgot was too hung over to shave her legs, you, dear Snooks, have no excuse!

Kidding! You were, like, 12, and hadn't yet discovered the magic of spray-tan. You're off the hook...this time. And seriously, THANK YOU for posting this Throwback Thursday photo to your website. You look positively adorable! While your style has certainly evolved (i.e. gotten tighter/brighter/shorter/skimpier) since your tween days, it's so cool to see that your obsession with platform heels dates all the way back to the brace-face years. Hope you had some good, clean fun at the dance (wink).

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Photo: Celebuzz