Send Nikki And Sara Your Questions For Next Week's 'LIVE' Guest, Jenny McCarthy!

Our old MTV pal on the set of VH1's "The Jenny McCarthy Show."

Jenny McCarthy's time as "Singled Out" host made her an emblem of MTV's '90s lineup, but upon her return next week, it's she that will be in the hot seat. The TV host/actress is confirmed as the next guest on "Nikki & Sara LIVE," and while she may not have tales of ghost-sex to share (or perhaps she will! Who are we to say?), we're sure she and the girls will find something to talk about--like...THE RIVALRY THAT WILL ENSUE ONCE JENNY'S NEW TALK SHOW PREMIERES!

Yes, Jenny is throwing her late-night hat into the ring, and during her "LIVE" chat on February 5 at 11/10c, she'll give us all the details on "The Jenny McCarthy show," premiering February 8 on VH1. Plus, Nikki and Sara's all-star roster will widen one week later when "Pretty Little Liars" star Shay Mitchell stops by the studio to spill each conceivable bean on the show.

+ Check out the promo for Jenny's new series below, and leave or tweet questions you'd like her to answer next week on "Nikki & Sara LIVE." (@Nikki Glaser or @SaraSchaefer1 hashtag #NikkiandSaraLIVE)

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Photo: Robert Adam Mayer/VH1