Which 'Catfish' Story Has Been The Most Memorable?

It all started with a handsome model named Jamison and a cute Southern belle named Sunny. Jamison and Sunny met on Facebook and spent months flirting online, but when Sunny finally worked up the nerve to visit Jamison -- who'd maintained since the beginning of the couple's exchanges that he was too busy with his career to meet in person -- she discovered he was not a model. Nor a man. Jamison was an 18-year-old high school student named Chelsea who'd crafted a fake profile to cope with her own insecurities. A massive fight erupted at Chelsea's home and "Catfish: The TV Show" was born.

Since then, filmmakers Max and Nev have traveled all over the country to help hopeful men and women find out once and for all if their elusive Internet loves are the real deal. One or two stories turned out shockingly well, a few more amounted to friendships and some -- well, some were complete disasters (cough, Mhissy, cough).

Kya and Dani were probably the most unlikely love story of all. Kya unknowingly jumped into a relationship with a female-to-male transgender, and though Dani wasn't the Swedish hunk Kya thought she'd been chatting with on VampireFreaks.com, the couple's chemistry remained intact. Rico and James' relationship saw promise, too, and when Rico learned why James lied about his identity, the connection they shared was spared.

Kim nearly found love with Matt, and Trina wasn't far behind with Lee, but both ladies were just a little too thrown by the guys' white lies to proceed romantically. Tyler forgave Aaron for posing as his knockout Midwestern crush and aspiring rock star Jarrod accepted Melissa's apology for leading him on, but Average Joe was not so welcoming of his longtime pageant sweetheart Rose's true identity. And as for Ebony and Rod...well, if you can figure out where that road goes, you are definitely ahead of the curve.

Then, of course, there were Jasmine and Mhissy, who will likely start a war if they ever see each other on the street again. Mhissy's "Catfish" revenge was the most viscous tale yet, but there's still one episode left to go...

+ Check out the sneak peek of the season finale below, and tell us in our poll which of the stories has made the biggest impression on you so far!

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