Kristin Cavallari Doesn't Want Her Son Following In His Dad's NFL Footsteps

Kristin watches over her little guy after landing at LAX.

If the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, former "Hills" star Kristin Cavallari will pick it up and throw it. K-Cav's fiancé may be big shot football pro Jay Cutler, but Kristin says she hopes their son, Camden, will find fulfillment somewhere other than the football field. She fears that one day he'll wake up, slap on some eye black and start flipping through playbooks (and getting concussed) just like dear ol' dad.

"I will try to steer Cam in a different direction, maybe a sport that isn't so aggressive," she told Chicago recently. "Maybe baseball -- something where he doesn't have to get hit." She admitted that trying to dissuade Camden might be difficult given his family history, but hey -- if she keeps her fingers crossed, maybe she'll wind up with a student council kid, or an actor! Let's not forget, drama also runs thick in Camden's blood...

+ Tell us what you think -- should K-Cav let her kid play ball?

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Photo: SWAP/Splash News