'Washington Heights' Poll: Should Reyna Hear Her Sister Out About Manny?

Since going after Eliza on the premiere of "Washington Heights," Reyna has become noticeably calmer, often providing her friends with levelheaded advice. On tonight's episode, though, the loud spitfire reemerged and went to battle with her sister, Tatiana. After her birthday celebration, Tati was cursing out Reyna's boyfriend, Manny, for being MIA, and Reyna wasn't having it. "She was just trying to tell me family [comes] first," Reyna says in the "Uptown Lodown" clip below. "My argument to her is, like, 'No, there's friends out there that are more family than your own family.'" Guess water can be thicker than blood, sometimes.

Reyna explains that Manny was a no-show at the party because he was strapped for cash and didn't want to look like a cheapskate, but Tati wasn't buying the excuse. Ultimately, Reyna couldn't take the tension, and decided to move out of her family's pad (and in with Manny) to let the situation simmer down.

+ What do you think -- does Reyna need to take a second to consider her sister's points, or is she right to brush them off? Watch the video to hear her defense, and vote in the poll!

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