Ke$ha Confesses To Nikki & Sara: I Got Busy With A Ghost [Video]

If the sight of specters on Halloween always did a little something extra for you, you're not alone. On last night's "Nikki & Sara LIVE" premiere, pop star Ke$ha opened up about having once had an erotic encounter with a...ghost. And when she delved a little deeper into which Hollywood phantoms were most bangable, the singer made a rather striking confession: Bill Cosby as "Ghost Dad" is her ideal spirit-lay. Kick rocks, Casper!

"Equal opportunity ghost lover!" Sara observes in the interview below after Ke$ha says she'd also partake in some funny business with (spoiler alert!) dead-the-whole-time Bruce Willis in "The Sixth Sense" and Slimer from "Ghostbusters." Slimer's not a total surprise, as Ke$ha notes, "I don't really like hot guys, I like kind of ugly guys." However, no human (dead or alive) could compete with the cuddly kitten she clutches through the Q&A. "I just like [animals] more than people," the Global Ambassador for the Humane Society says.

+ Check out the video, and stay tuned for updates on Ke$ha's brand-new docu-series, "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life," premiering in April on MTV.

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