Lauren Conrad Opens Up About Her Boyfriend, Career Goals And Pre-MTV Days

Lauren Conrad's a stunner in the latest issue of Lucky.

We'll always remember Lauren Conrad as the wide-eyed fashion student who made her way to "The Hills" at 19, but she ain't a kid anymore. In the new issue of Lucky magazine, the entrepreneur opens up about her long-term career goals, serious relationship with law school student/former rock star William Tell and even her strict parents. Apparently, LC wasn't allowed to watch MTV until she was 16 -- less than a year before she appeared on "Laguna Beach"! The Conrads certainly run a tight ship...

Lauren and her beau have had their nose to the grindstone lately, but when date night finally comes around, she gets him something nice for the occasion. "Sometimes I’ll buy him clothes and sneak them into his drawer!" she says. In terms of shopping for herself, these days she's just looking for the perfect wedding dress.

Well, not her own. "A friend from high school recently reminded me my goal was to own a bridal boutique!" she tells Lucky. "I’d love to design bridal dresses." Watch out, Vera Wang!

+ Want to know the last flick that made Lauren cry, or why she's an advocate for unwashed hair? Check out the full interview for more!

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Photo: Dewey Nicks/Lucky