Chelsea Houska's Daughter Tucks Her Toy Pig Into Bed [Photo]

This little piggy is safe from any wolves in Aubree's care!

The Houska family loves their puppies, but recently, Aubree stepped up her game and played with a new species -- a pig! Last night, Chelsea snapped her "Teen Mom 2" tot playing mommy to a little tuckered out hog, and while it may only be a toy, Aubs treated it like the real deal.

"She made a little bed for the piggy and is tucking him in lol," Chelsea tweeted of Aubree's caretaker instincts. Adorable as it was, the photo was posted at 11 p.m., which was a bit too late for Papa Randy's liking. Chelsea's dad, who is something of a Twitter fiend himself, replied to the bedtime photo op, saying "Cute but you both need to go to bed." Oh, technology. Only in 2013 would someone be able to discipline over the internet.

Don't worry too much, Randy, we're sure Chelsea carted Aubs off to bed...right after they made sure the pig was snoring soundly.

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Photo: @ChelseaHouska