Don't Try This At Home: 'BUCKWILD' Bull Ridin,' Bulldozin' And High-Speed Chases

"WARNING: This show features wild and crazy behavior that could result in serious personal injury or property damage. MTV and the producers insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any activity performed." Sound familiar? Each week, Remote Control is bringing you the most insane stunts pulled on "BUCKWILD" to serve as a warning to impressionable young souls: Don't try this at home. Especially the following...

DON'T ride a daggone buckin' bull...real or fake. Just before hittin' up the angry cows at the rodeo, our very own Redneck MacGyver and his "BUCKWILD" cronies fashioned a faux mechanical bull out of a giant barrel and rope. End result? Whiplash. On the upside, at least Salwa kept her shirt on?

DON'T operate heavy machinery unless you're a trained professional. After Shain's pickup truck bit the dust (one too many muddin' trips, we guess), it was off to the junkyard for a proper burial. As Joey proved his bulldozer prowess by crushing Shain's off-roading pride and joy, Gandee Candy and the rest of the crew marveled at his pal's skills. In this case, they were wise to let the expert handle the wheel -- there's no telling how many limbs could have been lost if not for Joey's know-how.

DON'T ride 80 mph through a mudhole. When it was time to take Shain's new truck out for a spin, the gang decided to put it through "The Shain Test" (a.k.a. a high-speed chase through the muddy backwoods of West Virginia). Sadly, the new wheels didn't prove quite as solid as Joey and Shae's budding relationship, and will soon join all of Shain's other trucks in the big junkyard in the sky.

Gear up for more "BUCKWILD" hijinks Thursday at 10/9c!

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