JWOWW Explains Why Roger Was Turned Off By Marriage [Video]

Roger might seem like the tough guy prototype, but we're slowly learning just how fragile his heart can be. On tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW," Rog and Jenni traveled to Maine to pay his dad and stepmother a visit, but the trip amounted to more than just some vacation time. Jenni -- who's been angling for an engagement ring this season -- reveals in the "Tea Time" clip below how her one-and-only initially struggled with the idea of marriage because of how much his parents' divorce affected him.

"Roger never considered himself to be the marriage or father type," she says in the video, and adds that his parents' separation was especially crushing because his mom left the state. "I think he just saw, like, the 'perfect family' turn to sh**. And he never wants to do that to his kids." According to her, Roger was torn apart by watching his father crumble as a single man, and though he consequently spent a lot of his life resenting the institution of marriage, Jenni's hopeful her man can take the relationship lessons he's learned over time and apply them to a more successful union of his own.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us if you're surprised to hear just how shaken up Roger was by his parents' divorce.

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