Did Pauly D And Lindsay Lohan Swap Spit?

Pauly D left a trail of broken hearts all along the "Jersey Shore," but it sounds like he may have worked his charms in Hollywood, as well. Snooki, Pauly's former housemate, recently told Celebuzz she has a vague memory of the DJ and Lindsay Lohan locking lips a few years back. Pauly later told Splash News that she's "not [his] type" when confronted about the rumor, but that's not exactly a denial. Do you think he's just trying not to kiss and tell?

Snooki first let it slip that PD may or may not have smooched LiLo while weighing in on some of the past year's hottest pop culture stories. "It was the first time we were in L.A. and I feel like she was flirting with Pauly -- and I feel like they made out," she says in the interview below. "But that was like three years ago." Long before the premiere of "Liz & Dick," to our relief.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us what you think! Did Pauly and LiLo make out?

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Photos: Hewitt/Splash News