Chelsea Packs Up Her Life On 'Teen Mom 2' [Bonus Scene]

Last night's episode was basically "Teen Mom 2: Moving Edition." All of the girls shook up their living situations, and certainly for the better. In this bonus sceneChelsea enlists the help of her friend, Erika, to literally get her s**t together so she can check out of the house that held so many memories -- both good and bad. If those walls could talk...

While struggling to figure out how to best utilize the box space, Chelsea finds the promise ring Adam gave her. (Ugh, don't things like this alwayyyys seem to happen when you're on the verge of moving on!?) She's determined not to let it get to her, and quickly asks Erika what to do. "Pawn it," she replies without missing a beat. Perfect advice, we think, especially since Chelsea's new home is supposed to be an Adam-free zone. "I don't plan on Adam coming," the young mother says to her friend. "It's a new, fresh start." Amen!

Check out the bonus scene below to see how much Chelsea's grown since her days of relationship heartbreak.

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