'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Do You Think Andrew Is Jace's Father?

There's nothing like a surprise phone call from your ex to shake things up. Tonight's "Teen Mom 2" opened with Jenelle being contacted by Jace's assumed biological dad, Andrew, after he'd been out of the picture for more than a year. The conversation brought up old issues regarding Jace's paternity, and Jenelle was finally ready to face the music -- that is, if Andrew was willing to take a test.

Jenelle admitted to her friend that she'd secretly been questioning Jace's father's identity for a long time. She hid her doubts from friends and family partially because she didn't want to be shamed about a previous one-night stand, and partially because she didn't want to deal with the consequences of Andrew possibly not being her son's father. But rather than retreat from the matter this time, Jenelle tackled it head on, and was determined to find out the truth. The young mother set out to have Andrew take a blood test and get to the bottom of the mystery, and luckily, Andrew was on board ... because he wasn't sure he was Jace's dad either. And...your long pause starts...now.

+ The suspense is killing us! Who do YOU think is Jace's father?

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