'Catfish' Poll: Were James' Lies Justifiable?

By now, you're pretty familiar with the standard "Catfish" scenario: Person A discovers he's/she's been lied to online by Person B. Person A says he'll/she'll consider forgiving Person B, but the love they once shared is too scarred by deceit to salvage. However, tonight's episode threw us a curve ball. James, a South Beach bus driver, lied about his identity to his boyfriend, Rico, out of (legitimate) fear the truth would have been a turnoff, and for the first time, we...kind of understood the fibs. But does that mean James deserved a free pass?

After traveling to Florida, Rico was relieved to find that the man who stood before him matched the photos he'd seen online. Still, James, who Rico knew as "Ja'mari," immediately copped to lying about his name and background, and Max and Nev were worried Rico would feel too betrayed to stick around. When James explained that he lied because his name was tainted from being wrongfully charged with robbery, Rico started to understand. James said he was tired of having to deal with Google searches that turned up the story of his supposed crime, and that using a new name was his only way to avoid judgment. By the episode's end, Rico and James resolved to work things out, and things seemed to be headed in a positive direction. Refreshing!

+ Tell us: Do you think James' lies were justifiable? Take the poll, and tell us if he deserved a free pass from Rico.

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