Mission: Help Deena Cortese Secure A Spot On 'Dancing With The Stars'!

Deena does the Turnpike at MTV's Spring Break.

Deena Cortese's one-two step isn't strictly suited for dancing in the streets. Turns out, the cheery meatball has had a passion for dance since childhood, and she's ready to take her choreography to the next level. In the footsteps of MTV stars Kristin Cavallari, Audrina Patridge and even her former housemate, Mike Sorrentino, D's ready to take "Dancing with the Stars" by storm -- if they're smart enough to take her.

The "Jersey Shore" blast in a glass hasn't been accepted into the competition just yet, but she's actively campaigning for a spot, and we're right behind her! After all, once the judges get a taste of that Jersey Turnpike, that Mirror Ball Trophy will be in the bag.

See what Deena told us today about why she'd make the perfect "DWTS" contender:

What about "DWTS" appeals to you, and would you feel ready for the competition if you got a bid?

Ever since I was little, I danced. I was in recitals and big competitions and the captain of my dance team in school. So to have this opportunity, that would be awesome. It’s not just because I want to be on another show -- it’s something I know I’d be good at. And I’d like to see people see me in a different light rather than just drunk Deena down the Shore. It’d be awesome, and I really think I’ll kick ass!

What advantages would you have in the competition?

I’m small, so they could, like, throw me all over the place, you know? I could do tricks, I feel.

Jersey has their own lifestyle and type of dancing. We just have moves, and we have attitude, too, so I feel like I could put a little attitude into the classical stuff, and just show them what Jersey’s all about. I would bring life and excitement, and I’m bubbly. I think it would be different to have a meatball on set, you know?

Who would your ideal partner be and why?

I feel like me and Mark (Ballas) would probably be good, because he’s short, and he has, like, that Italian look. I can’t have someone that’s super tall.

Mike came in ninth when he competed on the show. Did you watch his season, and is there anything you learned from him?

I definitely watched the season just ‘cause I like supporting my "Jersey" cast mates. I think he did awesome, but I really think -- like, I do dance, and I have the moves -- that I could make it all the way to the end. Like, Mike did well and everything, but he’s not the best dancer, and I am, so I think that I would take it. I would make Jersey proud.

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Deena in her earlier dancing days. She means business with this costume!

Deena breaks it down with some friends at a barbecue.

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