Adam Levine 'Catfish'es America With Nev Schulman Impersonation [Video]

Adam Levine's take on Nev Schuman's famous selfie.

You haven't truly made it until you've been openly mocked on the "Saturday Night Live" stage. Soooo, we guess congrats are in order!? Over the weekend, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph experienced the humbling rite of passage when Adam Levine and Taran Killam went to TOWN on "Catfish."

"As always, I just woke up and the cameras caught me disheveled and cute! Are you getting all this, Max?" Levine's Nev says in the clip below, as Killam's Max sheepishly asks if they're ever actually going to cut to his camera. (Hey! They cut to Max's camera in the sneek peek of tonight's episode...if you look carefully.) The "SNL" version of "Catfish" features Jaz, a girl who is in a long-term, caring relationship with Abercrombie model (and heir to the Applebee's franchise) Ace Applebees. The only caveat is that he doesn't have a phone, a car or any friends. He's also on a no-fly list for being too handsome, and looks suspiciously like Brian Williams. When Jaz comes face to face with Ace, he admits to lying about his identity (he's not Brian Williams!), but luckily, she's turned on by his criminal career as a UPS package thief. Go figure!

The best part about the sketch is that Nev loved it. He tweeted his approval, along with a creative note: "Hey @adamlevine...nice job, but you were a little light on the chest hair tonight. @SNL #catfish." The guy sure did nail the cuteness though!

+ What do you think of Adam's Nev impression? Was it spot-on, or lacking Nev's Nev-ness?

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