Leah From 'Teen Mom 2' Is Confident She And Jeremy Will Last [Video]

With a new fiancé and another baby on the way, it seems like Leah's life began to come together just the way she'd dreamed on tonight's "Teen Mom 2," despite her friends and family's skepticism. In these exclusive online interview clips, Leah dishes on Jeremy's proposal, what it was like to find out she was pregnant again and how Jeremy and Corey differ when it comes to child rearing.

Leah shares how Jeremy's easy adaptation to fatherhood made her feel very secure with him. "I definitely knew that Jeremy would be a great dad to his own child one day, just by the way he interacted with Ali and Aleeah," she says. She also admits that what came naturally to Jeremy -- how he seamlessly transitioned into a paternal role -- Corey had to learn the hard way. Still, she doesn't blame Corey for being young and inexperienced. She was too, after all.

To hear more from Leah on her relationship with Jeremy and their plans for the future, check out both of these interview clips!

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