Oscar Nominee Jennifer Lawrence's First Gig Was Playing A 'Super Sweet 16' Brat! [Video]

Jennifer Lawrence's SAG Award will look great next to her Moon Men.

Sure, she may be a household name now, but Jennifer Lawrence didn't just wake up one morning slinging arrows as Katniss Everdeen and making out with Bradley Cooper. Get this: Before the young actress became a Hollywood darling, J-Law put on her best bitch face for two of MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" promos!

During her "Best Female Actor in a Film" speech at the SAG Awards last night, Lawrence thanked MTV for kick-starting her career. Apparently, the video below was what earned her a SAG card! Well, Miss Law, YOU ARE POSITIVELY WELCOME! Glad to help out. In fact, we're hoping some of our current talent will follow suit! After all, Ashley Rickards can't go through an "Awkward" phase forever, and she's already made big screen moves in Chris Colfer's indie flick, "Struck by Lightning." And though Dylan O'Brien has only written one scene (so far) for the new season of "Teen Wolf," you never know--he could just churn out the next Oscar-winning screenplay!

+ Below, check out Jennifer Lawrence's first acting gig for MTV, as well as her SAG speech from last night, and tell us: Which MTV faces do you think have movie star potential?

Photo: Splash News