7 Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss The Premiere Of ‘Nikki & Sara LIVE’

Chelsea Handler has Chuy. David Letterman has his Top Ten. Nikki & Sara have the gumption to ask people on the street — without context — “Why are you living this lie?” Our new favorite comedic duo is hitting MTV airwaves for the first time this week, and if their penchant for Thelma & Louise’ing just for kicks hasn’t enticed you yet, it’s only a matter of time. Don’t believe us? Here are SEVEN incontestable reasons:

1. Nikki gave this engraved iPad to her mother for Christmas:

2. Sara won two Emmys as Jimmy Fallon’s head blogger. We can say (quite impartially) that blogs are nothing short of God’s work, and the efforts of Sara’s team — which boasted coverage of blindfolded karate, what Britney Spears’ kids might eat for breakfast and the merits of owning the novelty Roy Orbison box set — helped “Late Night” beat out the big shots at “Conan” for the honor.

3. The ladies have a hilarious podcast called “You Had To Be There.” Sara and Nikki have been working out their funny bones in tandem since 2011, and they’ve picked the brains of “30 Rock” star Judah Friedlander, “Awkward” star Nikki Deloach and comedy legend Jim Gaffigan along the way.

4. Sara really engages with fans on Twitter.

5. Nikki is a successful standup comedian and doesn’t hold back when chronicling Brazilian waxing gone awry.

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