Is This U.S. Soldier About To Get 'Catfish'ed? [Sneak Peek]

In a perfect world, supporting your family and acting on true love wouldn't be mutually exclusive endeavors. Unfortunately for Rico, the two are worlds (or, at least, continents) apart. In this sneak peek of tonight's all-new "Catfish," the former U.S. soldier struggles between moving to England to take care of his ailing mother, or staying Stateside to see where things could go with his online crush, Ja'mari.

Max and Nev make their way to Bridgeport, CT, in the video below to get a sense of Rico's virtual relationship. Rico tells the guys he first met Ja'mari online while on a military tour, and since his return home, Ja'mari's frantic modeling schedule has kept them from getting together in person. Despite saving money to follow his mother to the United Kingdom, Rico says he wants to meet Ja'mari first, and make sure he's not leaving something truly special behind.

+ Check out the clip, tell us if you think Rico and Ja'mari have a shot at something real and tune in to tonight's all-new "Catfish" at 11/10c!

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