That's What You Said...About 'Catfish' Rod's Bizarre Journey

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It was really tough to make sense of Monday's "Catfish" episode. A man named Rod found companionship in an online crush named Ebony, who Rod believed to be transgender. Ebony later revealed she was biologically female, and as Rod identified as straight, it was difficult to understand his disappointment in her confession. Afterward, when he claimed that he only ever kept his connection with Ebony alive for her financial support, we were officially lost.

We posed a simple question after Rod's story aired: What exactly did he want? And, well, you guys had a lot of theories. Some thought Rod was trying to ease his way into his subverted homosexuality, others thought he simply wanted someone to manipulate. Check out these fan reactions to Rod's story on Facebook and Remote Control, and join in on the conversation!

Remote Control:

"Rod obviously wanted something other than a woman. By the way, Ebony, if you are reading this I just wanted to say you are absolutely GORGEOUS." -- Brian

"I personally think that Rod is gay and was seeking a male that looks like a woman to satisfy his ego and the expectation of his peers for him to be with a woman." -- Tanya 

"I think he was looking for a transgender woman to ease himself into being with a man. I completely think this is a man questioning, maybe even ashamed, of his sexuality." -- Jennifer


"He wanted someone he could use, in my opinion." -- Mimi S.

"I honestly think that he was putting up a front when he said he was using Ebony for her money! I think he wanted to be with Ebony when he thought she was a transgendered female." -- Elena N.

"I don't think he really knows or will admit to what he really wanted." -- Savanah P.

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