JWOWW Shows Off Her Six Pack, Roger Reinforces A Raisin/Rice Cake Diet [Photo]

Jenni's got her own Situation going on.

Incriminating butt photo? What incriminating butt photo? WOWWza, Jenni is looking fit. The "Snooki & JWOWW" star tweeted the envy-inducing pic above this morning, and, well, now we feel like Shrek. Girl sure knows how to make a girl put the cupcake down!

The guidette's hubby-to-be, Roger, certainly enjoyed her GTL photo-op, taking (sarcastic) credit for her sexy bod. "@JENNIWOWW Looking good babe. Remember only 2 raisins for breakfast and a thimble of water. For lunch u can have a rice cake and pine needles," he replied to his future wifey. Sounds like a deliiiiicious diet you've invented, Rog. What's for dinner, one spaghetti noodle and a 1/4th cup of Gatorade? (Oh, duh, of course not. Carbs aren't allowed!)

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Photo: jennijwowwmtv on Instagram