This Ain’t Nikki & Sara’s First Time At The MTV Rodeo [Video]

By Rebecca Linde

In approximately 100 hours (Who’s counting? Okay, we are. What? We’re excited.) Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer will become your favorite faces in late night TV (yep, even over that tall ginger they call Coco) when the premiere of their new show, “Nikki & Sara LIVE,” airs at 11/10c. That means you have roughly 100 hours to school yourself on the deep roots the ladies have already planted in the MTV garden. That’s right–this may be Nikki and Sara’s first foray into the hosting (and mind melding) game on our channel, but they’ve been making valuable contributions here for years.

First off, did you know that Sara’s first appearance on MTV was a brief 2007 spot on “The Hills,” where she totally held her own against LC’s salty stare? Not even K-Cav could handle a standoff with this much gusto:

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