Snooki Expresses Relief She Didn't Poop During Labor [Video]

Of her many fears about giving birth, Snooki has long listed going Number 2 -- in plain view -- at the tippity top. But when it came time to deliver Enzo unto the world (after 27 HOURS of labor!) on tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW," the elated guidette managed to push out her baby without a trace of poo in sight. Mazel!

"I was really nervous, because everyone said that you're gonna sh** when you give birth," she tells Jenni in the "Tea Time" after show clip below. "But, I could smell my own poop if I pooped, you know what I mean? And plus, I didn't really eat that morning, because I knew if I did, I would poop. So I'm really glad I didn't poop." We second that, Snooks!

But the new mom didn't make it out of the hospital without delivering another special surprise. After Lorenzo was born and she was having her koo-kah stitched up (note to self: when your time comes, get a C-section), Nicole accidentally tooted in the doctor's face. "There was just so much pressure left in there, that it was just like, 'boop!' He ate my fart."

Eh, nothing to be embarrassed about, sweetie. As your best friend points out in the video, he eats farts for a living.

Check out the video to hear all the nitty gritty on Baby Lorenzo's birth, including some very visceral details about the placenta extraction. (The faint of heart may want to stuff their ears with cotton balls at that part.)

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