See Why Nikki & Sara's Job Is So Much Cooler Than Yours [Photos]

Guys, what's so funny?

Stars: They're just like us! That is, if you--like Nikki and Sara--happen to bond with friends over concealing murder evidence (and really, who doesn't?). The two New York City gals have been hard at work perfecting their upcoming LIVE talk show, and in the process, have produced a number of behind-the-scenes pics that illustrate all the fun they've been having in between.

In our photo flipbook, Sikki can be seen busily sorting through notes, getting to know their crew and scowling at nothing in particular. You can even find them hitting up their local smell-goods shop, where they appear to be eating...candles? Because what's comedy without taking some risks?

+ Will you watch "Nikki & Sara LIVE"? (Answer: yes, don't make us come over there and...). The show premieres on MTV, UStream, and MTV Mobile on Tuesday, January 29, at 11/10c, and we expect you to be there!

Hands where we can see 'em, ladies!

We smell comedic success (and lavender-scented candles).

Bonus! The ultimate bonding exercise, featuring Nikki & Sara:

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