MGK: I Had My First Heartbreak 'When I Was 17' [Sneak Peek]

Rappers and rock stars usually travel with an entourage of smitten groupies, but before the fame, money and personal assistants, gaggles of girls weren't at their every beck and call. On the next "When I Was 17." Machine Gun Kelly opens up about the philandering floozy who did him wrong, and the broken heart that followed.

In this sneak peek, the 22 year old takes us back a whopping five years to the moment he discovered his former girlfriend was cheating. MGK recalls how a buddy gave him the inside scoop about her infidelity, and says he tore through the chick's house and interrogated her little brother! (Guess the kid's now got a good story to tell his pals...)

While his childhood friend dismisses MGK's relationship as anything but puppy love, the rapper insists he was devastated. "That's the girl I lost my virginity to...and I walked in on her f**king another dude," he says, now able to laugh off the situation.

So how did MGK recover from this two-timing vixen? Find out which song helped him heal his wounds in the clip below, and don't miss full episodes of "When I Was 17" Sundays at 1/12c on MTV2.


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