Jillian Rose Reed Goes On A Quest To...Scream In A Pool!? [Video]

Life's a befuddling mess for Jillian Rose Reed's character, Tamara, on "Awkward," but each disorienting twist in her relationship with Ricky Schwartz seems like child's play when compared to what she's up against in a new Funny Or Die video. The proud redhead's character, Karen, can't seem to extract her mother from her drone-like state, and to save the woman, Karen's father sends her on a mythical journey (to a field adjacent to a local Denny's parking lot) for the cure.

"That's wonderful, sweetie!" is all Karen's mother can say, and the record-skipping effect leaves her daughter (and us) lost. Karen's father encourages her to channel her discontent into something positive, and suddenly, she's off on the strangest quest since Dorothy and her mutt followed the yellow-brick road. After pointing to a giant statue of a...pointed finger shaking a bearded man's hand and climbing up, then down, a ladder, Karen realizes the secret to her mother's healing was just under her nose--screaming into her own pool, naturally! You follow, don't you?

Check out the clip and...yeah, just let it marinate. Juuuuust let it sit there for a second.

Screaming Pool with Jillian Rose Reed from Jillian Rose Reed

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