Baby's First Jordans! Snooki Outfits Lorenzo's Teeny Feet In Typical Pauly D Fashion [Photo]

Check out those pumped-up kicks!

Not that we were ever worried she'd stop short of a popped collar, but as the photo above proves, Snooki is following through on her promise to use former "Jersey Shore" housemate Pauly D as little Lorenzo's fashion inspiration. This morning, Snooks shared one of her baby's guido-in-training milestones on Twitter. "LORENZO'S FIRST JORDAN'S <3<3<3," she posted.

Uncle Pauly, of course, is quite the sneaker aficionado, and has been known on many occasion to sport some squeaky-clean, big-boy Jordans. The man owns roughly one billion pairs of kicks (okay, maybe it's closer to a million), including the Nikes he's rocking in the pic below. (Lollipop sold separately.)

Lorenzo's most likely starting his collection way earlier than his style mentor did, so for that we hope his nursery includes a walk-in closet.

A sampling of Pauly's many sneaks.

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Photo: snookinic on Instagram/Splash News