'Washington Heights' Poll: Did Rico Deserve Fred's Reality Check?

There's a reason the stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame are reserved for a select few--show business is tough! It takes some thick skin and serious determination to make it as an actor, and on tonight's "Washington Heights," Fred laid into his brother, Rico, for not taking his thespian dreams seriously. Preach!

In the "Uptown Lowdown" clip below, the gang says Rico's behavior is nothing new--he's always struggled with being unfocused. "Rico just has a drive problem," JP says. "He's kind of always stuck on neutral." Rico's sluggishness eventually led to a blowup between him and his brother, who paid for Rico's improv lessons, and was tired of listening to him talk a big game without following through. Rico was initially upset that Fred had been so harsh, but was ultimately grateful that his brother was looking out for him. "Growing up, I never thought my family quite supported me enough, as to me pursuing any goals I had," he says. "[Fred helping out] gave me the will to go out there--knowing that my family had that much belief in me."

+ What do you think--did Fred have the right to confront Rico, or should he have let his brother find his own way? Watch the video, then take the poll!

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